For the last fifteen years, Laura has been pursuing a career in acting. As she drudged through the aspiring actor grind of auditions, agent meetings, headshots and competition, she was introduced to Reiki and Breathwork. Through receiving Reiki and Breathwork and then getting initiated as a Reiki Master and Breathwork Facilitator, she had a spiritual awakening.

This awakening made clear to her the pain artists, especially actors, endure on a daily basis. Actors are under constant scrutiny auditioning, meeting with casting directors and forced to market themselves as a product. If they are lucky enough to book the role, they will endure rigorous work hours and emotionally draining scenes. Her dream is to help heal the body, mind and spirit of actors and artists clearing their energy fields and giving them the clarity to create. It is in this place of physical, emotional and mental freedom that creativity thrives.

Laura remains passionate about working with actors but as her business grows, so does her clientele and in order to reflect the expansion, Reiki for Actors has become Pensiero Healing Arts.

A beautiful client of Laura’s told her that her last name means a little gift, a forget me not, in Italian. She hopes her expanded practice can be that gift you give yourself, a place to reconnect, to love, and to thrive.