“As an actor and business owner living in New York City, I am always absorbing other people’s energies and feeling fatigued/ drained after a long workday. I never heard of breathwork before but decided to give it a try with Laura since she was highly recommended through my acting school at AMAW NY. My first session with Laura was everything I expected and more! I felt like I could take on the world after. During the process I felt one with the universe and one with myself. I felt so much power and so much passion for life! During the breathwork and reiki process, Laura makes you feel very comfortable to really be who you want to be and all that you are. Laura is very caring, attentive and warm. That night I slept better than I have in years. Days after my session I felt so much energy and in tune with my creativity and power. I am making breathwork and reiki a consistent practice in my life. I recommend you try a session with Laura ASAP if you really want to elevate and advance your creative genius and energy!” - Kevin B.

“Reiki is truly a treat. As an actor in NYC I often neglect my emotional well-being and internal growth. I often feel emotionally drained after an intense class or rehearsal, and Reiki is where I come to rest my mind and body, and turn my intention inwards to cultivate my emotional wealth. Reiki charges and releases at the same time. Laura is assupportive and loving as a teacher can be, and she has taught me to embrace vulnerbility, to welcome love and joy into my life and to let go of tension and frustrations that I dont need. I walked out of every Reiki class feeling like a better person and artist, thank you Laura!” - Alana F. Student at Maggie Flanigan studio

”Thank you Laura! Since working with you I have experienced a new level of freedom - and it is nothing short of extraordinary - in my writing, speaking, life overall. You are incredible.” -Craig S.

“Thank you Laura! So thankful for you and for bringing this work to our studio. It has been a game changer and I'm excited for more classes. I’ve been telling everyone about this work— even non actors because I have become so much more in tune with my body and I know this is just the beginning of developing a deeper level of self and understanding my emotional body!” - Makenzi K., Actor and student at AMAW-NY

“I had no idea what to expect the first time I came to Laura for a healing. I had heard of Reiki from family and friends but I wasn’t sure if it was going to be for me. After my first session- I knew Laura was the real deal. She opened my eyes to the power of energy and the magic that comes with healing. Working with Laura helps me take care of myself in a way I never realized I needed before. Every time I walk in her door, I already feel more at ease because she has created a space that is calm and safe. She takes time to listen to what is going on in my life before our session and there is always a follow-up conversation about what we observed during the healing. Laura also takes the time to shoot me text messages in the days following to remind me to staying grounded and feel my feet on the ground. I love that because it’s so easy for me to get swept up in the fast pace of the city. Her professionalism is top notch and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. Energy is real and I trust Laura absolutely to take care of mine.Thank you for your beautiful work, Laura.” - Kelsey M., Actor

"My Reiki session with Laura was a powerful and grounding experience. I am not too familiar with Reiki so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the session. However, from the moment I walked into Laura’s studio space I felt calm and supported. Laura was communicative from the very beginning and she was very attentive and detailed during our consultation. The table work put me in a deep meditative state where I felt I could escape from the nervous energy of the city. Laura has a true gift for identifying the blocks located in the body. I was able to let go of emotional and physical stress and left the session feeling completely rejuvenated. Days later, I am still feeling the effects of this session. As an actor and an artist, I realize how important these sessions are for my mental health and creativity. Laura brought awareness to my physical instrument, alleviated areas of tension, and helped me connect to my creative core. After the table work, Laura was also very helpful in informing me of different holistic and health practices that I can integrate into my daily routine. I will definitely be coming back for many more sessions and can’t recommend Laura enough!" - Allie S.

"As actors we need to have our vessel finely tuned and open so that our training and our craft can be expressed, yet as actors we tend to think that we are capable of doing this on our own. I had no idea how much of my instrument was blocked until I found Laura. Laura is truly a healer in every sense of the word; not only does she want to see you heal and evolve she is a master at figuring out how you can. She is warm, bright, easy to talk to, and genuinely listens and cares. If you are unsure about any step of the process she will put you at ease, or tailor the experience to your comfort level. I am amazed at how pure her practice of reiki is. So many times throughout our sessions she is able to articulate only a vague feeling that I am having and then help me to understand and navigate it. Not only has this done wonders for my craft but its changed my mental well being! I often leave Laura feeling either calm, energized, happy, pensive, reflective, or drained, and I always leave feeling more in touch with my body and my emotions. These benefits remain long after the session, as new revelations and energies continue to pop up. Go to Laura, you won't regret it!!" -Sidney H.

"I've been going to Laura weekly for three months.  She's so welcoming, caring and attentive!  I leave every session feeling centered and calm and at the same time like I can tackle anything!  It's also a different experience each time which is always fun to look forward too.   It's truly the highlight of my week!" -Jen B.

"Laura was fantastic!  She did such an amazing job, and I truly got everything I wanted to out of the session, and more!  She's warm, kind, easy to talk to, and fun.  She created a relaxing, safe space where it was easy to open up and let go of cares, worries, anxieties, etc.  The experience was both revelatory and confirming. In fact I'm looking forward to doing it again, and would highly recommend it to anyone!" -Christy A.

"My session with Laura was my first time doing reiki. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was open. Her space is beautiful and she made me feel very comfortable. I think as actors (people) living in NY it's so hard to find moments of peace where you're not being asked to do anything. Meditation is great, but you're on your own. Having Laura practice on me felt like I was being given support, both physical and emotional. Which is kind of a mind boggling idea- receiving touch and dare I say LOVE from someone completely unromantically and without the need to reciprocate. I was fascinated by the thoughts that came up as she moved through my different chakras. I felt very centered and relaxed the days following my session. I'm definitely going to incorporate reiki with Laura into my self care routine and can't recommend her enough. " -Caitlin B.

"Having my Reiki session with Laura was an amazing experience.  Laura creates a very warm, inviting, and relaxing atmosphere.  She is very knowledgeable and takes her time answering questions, putting you even more at ease.  I have never had Reiki so I really didn't know what to expect- and as wonderful as I felt immediately after the session, the biggest surprise is how long that lasted!  I had my session right before the holidays- my busy season at work.  During this time I am so busy, and therefore stressed, that I always get sick or an injury from over-exertion, but that didn't happen this year!  I successfully sailed through my busiest season ever feeling energized yet calm.  Having a session with Laura before an intense/stressful event was tremendously beneficial!  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable, and talented healer." -Misty G.